We Offer Something Different

When families throughout the Seattle metro area need professional legal guidance and representation, they turn to us here at The Law & Mediation Services of Natalie de Maar. With our years of experience in handling some of the most difficult family law matters facing clients today, you can rest assured that you are placing your legal concerns in the care of someone who knows how to help you effectively and efficiently.

Why Choose De Maar Law?

Our firm understands the family law issues that affect today's families, both straight and LGBTQA. In fact, our firm maintains a longstanding commitment to fighting for and protecting the family law rights of the area's LGBTQA community.

We fight to protect your rights both in and out of the courtroom. Whether we advise you that trial or some other legal alternative offers you your best opportunity to protect your rights, you will know you are receiving guidance from a firm that understands all of these options and how to apply them aggressively in order to protect your best interests.

Our ability to deliver successful outcomes for our clients has earned us the respect of both our clients and our peers in the legal profession. For that reason, they send friends, loved ones and existing clients to our legal team when our personalized approach will provide the best fit.

Your Legal Home In King And Snohomish County

We welcome inquiries from potential clients. Learn more about what our firm can do for you by calling us to schedule an initial consultation: 425-462-6580. You can also reach us online.