Doing What It Takes For Your Case

For more than two decades, our firm's founding attorney, Natalie de Maar, has shepherded her clients through their most difficult times. As a divorced parent herself, she understands on a firsthand basis that your dissolution or legal separation certainly qualifies as a difficult time. For that reason, you can turn to us for the legal representation you need to turn this difficult time into a time of preparation for the next phase in your life.

To take that approach, put our firm in your corner. Let us work on your behalf to manage the legal challenges that come in divorce or separation. We give you the guidance you need in order to make intelligent legal decisions, whether those decisions entail trial, negotiation, settlement or some other form of dispute resolution such as mediation.

When our team represents you, we help you with the issues that often arise during a dissolution or legal separation. These issues can often involve:

  • Division of assets
  • Parenting and custody
  • Child support and maintenance

Committed To The LGBTQA Community

We also provide you with a legal team committed to protecting your rights if you are a member of the LGBTQA community. We understand your unique legal needs as a result of our having represented members of the LGBTQA community for years. We also know that your newly recognized right to marry comes with the associated rights to divorce and separate.

You can count on us to protect your rights aggressively while advising you candidly and compassionately during these often emotionally painful processes. Our entire team prides itself on helping people make these transitions as smoothly as possible.

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