Dedicated To The LGBTQA Community

The official recognition of the LGBTQA community's right to marry reflects the always-powerful relationship between the law and personal matters for people in same-sex relationships. Even before the right to marry was recognized, though, The Law & Mediation Services of Natalie De Maar was already committed to the rights of members in the LGBTQA community.

Those rights, just like the rights of everybody else, extend into areas besides marriage. Because of our years of service to the LGBTQA community, we hold a well-developed understanding of how the law affects the rights of same-sex couples.

We Are As Efficient As We Are Effective

For that reason, you will know that when you work with us, we will be able to hit the ground running in your case. In other words, our existing familiarity with same-sex issues can save you time and money while delivering the high-quality services associated with our firm's name.

In doing so, our entire team draws on the experience held by our founding attorney, Natalie de Maar. Natalie combines the best of her large-firm experience with her time as the owner and operator of our firm, totaling more than 39 years of experience in all. By working with our firm's team, you gain the benefit of her seasoned legal judgment in family legal matters.

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