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We are a full-service family law practice representing clients in divorce, child custody, child support/modifications, domestic violence, paternity, spousal support, and non-parental custody cases. While our focus is on dispute resolution, we are also skilled trial attorneys and will fight for you in court.

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Why Choose Us

Our firm understands the family law issues that affect today's families. We fight to protect your rights both in and out of the courtroom. Whether we advise you to take your issue to trial or we believe another alternative offers you the best opportunity to protect your rights, you will know you are receiving guidance from a firm that understands all of your options and how to apply them assertively in order to protect your best interests.

Unlike many other family law firms in the area, we offer our clients the following:

  • A small, boutique atmosphere
  • A focus on dispute resolution with a willingness to go to court when necessary
  • A longstanding devotion to fighting for and protecting the family law rights of the area's LGBTQA community
  • Broad depth of experience in International Hague Convention kidnapping cases
  • Cost-effective legal strategies that save money for our clients while making the most of our time
  • Availability when our clients need us

Our ability to deliver successful outcomes for our clients has earned us the respect of both our clients and our peers in the legal profession. For that reason, they send friends, loved ones, and existing clients to our legal team when our personalized approach will provide the best fit. Whether you were referred to us by someone you trust or found us yourself, you will not regret giving us a call to learn more about us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Attorneys Are Committed to Amicably Resolving Conflicts and Are Equipped for Court When Alternative Means of Resolution Are Unsuccessful

It is a fact of modern life that marriages sometimes come to an end. For some couples, getting divorced is an amicable joint decision. For others, one spouse is blindsided by the other’s decision to leave. Other marriages break up because one spouse is unfaithful or abusive. Whatever the reason for your separation, the compassionate family law attorneys at de Maar Law will listen to your story and develop a plan that prioritizes your goals. With decades of experience in family law, our attorneys are prepared for anything and are ready to fight for you.

Focused on Conflict Resolution, Prepared for Litigation

We approach every one of our family law cases with the hope of working cooperatively with the other side to resolve disputes. This approach can prevent further heartache and also save time and money. However, if our client’s priorities are not being achieved, we are more than able to go to court to fight for them. Not every family law practice can say this. In fact, many firms in Bellevue, Everett, Snohomish, Seattle, and the surrounding areas refer their litigation cases to us. If you choose de Maar Law to assist you with your divorce, child support or custody dispute, or to renegotiate an existing agreement, we have the skills to go all the way through trial, if necessary, to obtain the results you want.

Keeping Costs Down

As a small boutique firm, our goal is to make clients feel safe and comfortable. We choose cost-effective strategies that accomplish our client’s goals without adding to the cost. We won’t litigate over frivolous issues just so we can charge you more.

If you find you are in the separation or divorce process, contact our firm to determine if we are the right fit for you. We think you will be pleased with what you hear.


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