Thank you!

I could not have asked for a more responsive and dedicated attorney. Natalie and her staff were always there to answer questions and provide me guidance as to next steps. Trust me there are a lot of questions in a divorce and it is good to have an attorney who is always there to explain how things work. There were never any surprises because Natalie and her staff had already told me what I could expect at each stage. Natalie warned me that the moment after I walked out of her office I would have a ton of questions and she was absolutely right. Natalie was always available to advise me whether it was a minor question like whether I could take the kids on a day trip without notifying my ex or whether it was a bigger question like could I enroll my kids in summer camp and have my ex pay his share.

Natalie was very prepared for court and for mediation. Her strong preparation allowed us to outwit the other side and to get a better settlement than I would have had I hired a less thorough attorney. You will absolutely not regret hiring her. She was wonderful and I could not thank her enough for everything she did for me and my children.